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Our team does research using Google tools to find the most searched terms in a sector and then promotes your business.

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Our top position promoting doesn't just stop at Google, we can apply our research to every search engine online at a fixed monthly cost.

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Web placements understand trust is a big issue so we will put you live to prove the service before payment is made.

Why You'll Love our Google Placements

With Web Placements on Google, your business will be seen instantly when a potential customer searches for the products or services you offer on the World’s Number 1 used search engine. This is how you connect with customers you don’t know yet. The Web Placements model is a fixed monthly fee and offering an assurance of a top placement listing. Our Average client listing is 1.1 and this fixed fee service is available exclusively through our company Web Placements Ltd.

Be found by more customers, more consistently than ever.

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Whenever the top searches are performed on Google, users will be able to find your website in the highest ranked positions. Time is of the essence! Our clients are typically online within 24 hours after account creation.

Flat Monthly Rates

The days of endless managing of your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Google Ads campaign(s) are over. With our Fixed Flat monthly rates, you’ll know that the next month will cost exactly the same as the last, giving you power over your marketing budget and giving you better results than ever.

Our 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

If your placement is not approved or if your ads are not active & eligible within the first seven 7 business days of account creation, we offer a full refund no questions asked.

No Long-Term Commitments

Web Placements is a month-to-month service. In the rare instance you’re not seeing desired results; you can terminate your account so long as it is seven 7 business days before your account’s recurring date.

We pride ourselves on results, so our packages are live within 24 hours.

Our standard packages are run month to month on fixed pricing allowing you to see the placements working as they should, you decide if you want to carry on month to month, ensuring the ball is always in your court.

So How Can This Work for My Business?

If you’ve never used Google Ads, or you have but were unsuccessful, keep the following in mind:

You may be surprised by the number of people searching online for exactly what you or your business has to offer. These potential customers/clients are looking for a business just like yours. Let us explain. Your current customers most likely search for your business by name (e.g. “Marks Estate Agents” or Marks Properties) and, as a result, your Google My Business listing or your website may show up in their search results.

Prospective customers however, tend to search by topic and many times include the location such as a Town or City. (e.g. Estate Agents in Birmingham or Houses in Birmingham). In these cases, it’s unlikely that your business is showing up – especially if you’re located in a neighbouring town or city. But there’s good news.

More often than not, they’re looking for information you could easily display in an ad – be it your expertise, a weekly offer, current sale, or the latest, most sought-after products. This is where having Web Placements specialists on your team comes in handy. We represent many different businesses across all types of industries. Our Google placement team managers have a long track history of creating successful digital marketing strategies for our clients. By leveraging the time and energy of one of our Google placement team managers to your business, you will be able to target the audience you want and find success with online marketing while saving yourself valuable time and money. We have saved businesses thousands per month and driven them higher traffic and business than ever before.

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